# Audit trail events

You can get raw audit trail events for your employees using the request below. HTTP status 200 in response confirms availability of our API.

Note that the request should be authorized with headers mentioned above.

GET /resources/auditTrailEvents

Events are always sorted by ts in descending order.

Мах number of events per request is 20000.

Name Type Required Description
subjectName String No The name of the subject for which events are received. If the name is not specified, events are received for all subjects on the key.
activity String No If specified, only events with this activity will be in the response.
from String No From the date/time events are received (format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss, e.g. 2022-10-01 12:05:00). If it's not specified - events are received from yesterday.
to String No To the date/time events are received (format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss, e.g. 2022-10-01 12:15:00). If it's not specified - events are received up to now.
limit Integer No Max number of events in one request. Can't be more than 20000. By default is 10.
offset Integer No Allows to skip the offset events before beginning to return the events. By default is 0.

Response body contains a JSON payload with a list of events. For example:

# Event fields
Name Type Optional Description
ts String No Date/time.
clientId String No Key.
activity String No Event type.
subjectName String No The subject who has executed an action.
ip String No IP from which an event was detected.
userAgent String Yes userAgent from which an event was detected.
xClientId String Yes API / dashboard / SDK.
correlationId String No Internal id for investigation nearby requests.
applicantId String Yes An applicant ID.
externalUserId String Yes An applicant ID on the client side.
imageId String Yes A document id.
description String Yes Some additional information.

# Possible event types:

Name Description
subject:loggedIn:dashboard:success Successful login.
subject:loggedIn:dashboard:failure Failed login.
subject:loggedOut:dashboard Logout.
subject:loaded:applicant Loading an applicant.
subject:loaded:applicantList Loading an applicant list.
subject:exported:applicantCsvList Downloading list of applicants in csv format.
subject:downloaded:docImage Downloading a doc from an applicant.
subject:changed:applicant Changing an applicant.
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