# eSign

# Overview

Sum&Substance provides functionality for integration with electronic signature tool HelloSign.

First of all you need to provide HelloSign credentials in admin panel of our dashboard on test and production environments.

Credentials you can find at HelloSign account settings.

Getting applicant's electronic signature is done in 3 steps:

  • Creating an applicant
  • Adding a document that has to be signed
  • WebSDK initialisation

# Initialization

# Creating an applicant

Body of creating an applicant request should contain externalUserId, email and applicant level has to be set with Electronic signature verification step.

# Example request
# Example response

# Adding document to sign

Adding a document can be done by this method. Document type has to be specified as an AGREEMENT.

POST /resources/applicants/{applicantId}/info/idDoc

For info on how to get an applicantId for this method click here.

# Example request
# Example response

# WebSDK initialization

Initialize WebSDK with the access token that is bound to the externalUserId that you used on applicant creating step and flowName that has Electronic signature verification step.

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