# iOS SDK Changelog

Please find below notable changes made to the iOS SDK

# Version 1.10.1

Released at 2020-06-02

  • Ability to pass an empty accessToken on initialization (tokenExpirationHandler would be called to get the token)
  • Backend auto-detection for IDENTITY* steps
  • Explicite switch to pending mode
  • Fix for unwanted flickering during updates at Status screen
  • Network Oops screen would be shown upon any error that occurs when there is no network connection present (according to Reachability)
  • Logging system has been refined
  • Various UI related fixes
  • .networkError and .unexpectedError reasons for failure added
  • sdk.mainVC is not an optional as from now
  • sdk.present(from:) and sdk.present() shortcuts have been added to make SDK presentation on the screen easier
  • theme.sns_StatusScreenApprovedImage has been added
Last Updated: 6/2/2020, 6:32:41 PM