# Mobile SDK

MSDK Screenshot

# SDK Resources

When using our demo source code, make sure to keep both URLs in sync:

  • test-api.sumsub.com and test-msdk.sumsub.com for test environment
  • api.sumsub.com and msdk.sumsub.com for production environment

# Backend routines

Please contact the Sum&Substance tech team for MobileSDK credentials.

In order to embed our MobileSDK you have to perform a couple of preparation steps and use their results to pass into the MobileSDK initialization:

# Creating an applicant

# Applicant creation response

Please note that the userId in the request to create an access token is a client-side ID.

  • [Backend] Generate an access token associated with applicantId (in order to limit the access token to exactly that applicant). You can customize required document set for your purposes. The minimum set is IDENTITY and SELFIE.
  • [Mobile] Initialize MobileSDK with
    • applicantId
    • accessToken Environment url: test-msdk.sumsub.com when integrating, and msdk.sumsub.com when going live
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