# Mobile SDK

# Getting started

In order to use our Mobile SDK you should:

# Backend routines

In order to embed our MobileSDK, you have to complete a couple of preparation steps on your backend and use the results to pass into the MobileSDK initialization:

# Step 1: Applicant Level

Set up your applicant level or pick a predefined one (e.g. basic-kyc-level) in the dashboard

# Step 2: Access Token

Generate an access token that is associated with the userId - a user identifier in your system, and with the levelName - the name of the applicant level selected at Step 1. This way you restrain the access to the only one applicant and let the SDK know what applicant level you are going to use for the verification process.

For testing purposes, make sure to use App token and Secret key pair that was created on Sandbox for request authorization headers.

curl -X POST \
  'https://api.sumsub.com/resources/accessTokens?userId=SomeUserIdInYourSystem&levelName=basic-kyc-level&ttlInSecs=600' \
    -H 'Accept: application/json'

# Step 3: All done!

Now you can initialize the Mobile SDK.

# Native SDKs

# Frameworks Plugins

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