# Mobile SDK

# Getting started

In order to use our Mobile SDK you should:

# Backend routines

In order to embed our MobileSDK you have to complete a couple of preparation steps on your backend and use the results to pass into the MobileSDK initialization:

# Step 1: Applicant Flow

Set up your applicant flow or pick a predefined one (e.g. msdk-basic-kyc) in the dashboard

# Step 2: Access Token

Generate an access token that is associated with the externalUserId - a user id in your system. This is needed for constraining the access token to only one applicant.

# Example request

curl -X POST \
  'https://test-api.sumsub.com/resources/accessTokens?userId=SomeUserIdInYourSystem&ttlInSecs=600' \
    -H 'Accept: application/json'

# Step 3: All done!

Now you can initialize the Mobile SDK.

# Native SDKs

# Frameworks Plugins

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