# Travel Rule

# Introduction

This product is designed to make VASP's (Virtual Assets Service Providers) be compliant with FATF regulations for anti-money laundering, precisely recommendation 16 - travel rule.

Goal of this regulation is to ensure that when any virtual currency moves between regulated entities (VASP's), there should be a information about persons or entities who do the transfer. For each set of this information there are necessary checks:

  1. Sender VASP should check and provide personal information about the actual sender
  2. Sender VASP should ask, but not check, receiver personal information
  3. Sender VASP should perform AML check for receiver
  4. Sender VASP should send this set of data to receiver VASP
  5. Receiver VASP should check that the personal information about the receiver is the same as the account holder
  6. Receiver VASP should perform AML check for sender

This API is designed to send, receive, and confirm such transactions in automated way.

Note that within travel rule sender should be having already approved applicant on Sumsub side.

# Travel Rule API

# Submission

POST /resources/travelRule/requests

Name Type Required Description
senderApplicantId String Yes Applicant Id of the transaction sender
recipientInfo Object Yes Info about transaction recipient: either already existing applicant or personal data to create one for AML check
txnInfo Object No Transaction additional info
notificationInfo Object No Info about instance that we should send callback/email to about transaction
# recipientInfo ATTRIBUTES
Name Type Required Description
applicantId String Yes, if info was not provided Applicant Id of the transaction recipient
clientId String Yes, if info was not provided Client Id of the transaction recipient
info Object No, if applicantId and clientId were provided Personal data of the recipient: at least firstName and dob are required
Name Type Required Description
fromAddress String No Funds sending address
toAddress String No Funds receiving address
direction String No Transaction direction: deposit or withdrawal
txn String No Transaction id
amount Double No Funds amount
currency String No Currency
# notificationInfo ATTRIBUTES

Notification functionality is still work in progress. Please contact our team if you'd like to use it

Name Type Required Description
target String No Notification target: endpoint or email address
targetType String No Target type: email/http/protocol
payloadTemplate String No Notification payload
Name Type Description
id String Travel rule request id
createdAt Date Date and time of request creation
reviewStatus String Request review status
# Example request
# Example response

# Getting results

GET /resources/travelRule/requests/{travelRuleRequestId}

Name Type Required Description
travelRuleRequestId String Yes Unique identifier of travel rule request
# Example request
# Example response

# Webhooks

The types of webhooks we send depend on the settings at the dashboard.

On the travel rule request stats change we're sending applicantTravelRuleStatusChanged type of the webhook.

# Example applicantTravelRuleStatusChanged webhook payload
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